Recycling of plastic waste and purchase, sale of secondary raw materials

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Purchase and sale of secondary raw material waste

Handling - buying

We handle plastic waste from manufacturing companies, plastic packaging waste for self-consumption (taxable plastic packaging waste) and other secondary plastic raw materials. The company has the right to issue documents proving the management of products and / or packaging waste.


We recycle various plastic raw materials and plastic packaging.


We sell high quality, no impurities. PP, HDPE, PA, PS, ABS, PC and so on

About us

Company vision, purpose

At Plastic Chip UAB, thinking about the current scale of plastic product use, we are well aware that they accumulate around us and pollute the environment and threaten the entire ecosystem. Therefore, the mission of our company is to reduce emissions of unprocessed materials recycling of plastic waste into raw materials suitable for the production of plastic products. We hope that we can work together to reduce the negative effects of climate change and the greenhouse effect.

Environmental protection

Currently, the main activity of the applicant, UAB Plastic Chips, is the collection and recycling of secondary raw materials (the main activity is the recycling of secondary polymers). 2011 yrs In its activity, the company has introduced an innovative technology for the recycling of sorted secondary raw materials, in the course of which the plastic waste is shredded to a secondary raw material - shredded plastic.
The management of plastic waste with a view to obtaining secondary raw materials is one of the highest priorities both in terms of environmental protection and cost-effectiveness.
Services rendered by the organization
Plastic waste management is a major environmental challenge, but it is also a great opportunity to ensure that resources are used efficiently. UAB "Plastic chips" economic activities - services, trade, production. The Company may engage in any activities that do not conflict with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Lithuania.

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